About Wild Ale

About Wild Ale
Wild Ales, are top-fermenting beers that are exposed to 'wild' yeast or bacteria, typically Brettanomyces, Pediococcus or Lactobacillus. Highly sour, funky, 'rustic', and controversial flavors like lemon seeds, barnyard, and horse blanket, to name but a few, are the result of these unpredictable interactions. These beers certainly fall into the 'acquired taste' category, but despite their challenges, often make interesting and unique food and cheese pairings.

Top Picks for Wild Ale

August Schell Brewing Co. Funk Junction Peach Wild Ale
93 points
Murky light gold color. Fruity aromas of fresh crushed peaches and nut bread with a supple, tangy, effervescent, sweet-and-sour full body and a seamless, medium-long nectarine vinaigrette on romaine with croutons and Meyer lemon finish. A brilliant, tart and tangy wild ale with very pure peach flavor.