About Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine has effervescence - bubbles- that are the result of a secondary fermentation. This fermentation can take place in the bottle itself or in a tank, after which it is then bottled.

Sparkling wines are produced in many countries around the world; the most famous examples are from Champagne. The method used to create Champagne is known as the classic method outside this region and is used to produce bubblies such as Cava in Spain, Franciacorta and Alta Langa in Italy as well as the finest sparkling wines in countries such as the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Sparkling wines with their bubbles are celebratory wines to be sure, but they are also among the finest food wines produced, as they can accompany a wide variety of foods. Sparkling wines range from extremely dry to very sweet and are produced in several versions from Blanc de Blancs (only white grapes) to Rosé, which have a copper, salmon or pink color.

Top Picks for Sparkling Wines

Saracco 2017  Moscato dAsti DOCG
95 points
Best Buy
Silvery straw color. Aromas of acacia, turkish delight, honeysuckle, and peaches in cream with a round, vibrant, very sweet medium body and a smooth, involved, medium-long baby’s breath, mango lassi, pineapple confection, poured fondant, and candied pear finish. A very sweet, completely delicious Moscato that drapes that palate in opulence.
95 points $16.99 Best Buy
Ruggeri 2017 Giustino B. Superiore Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG
95 points
Silvery emerald straw color. Fresh aromas of finger lime, exotic flowers, candied pear, and bamboo with a fruity fat body and a layered, long turkish delight, wet stone, orange sherbet, and lily finish. A stylish Prosecco with intriguing minerality, memorable length, and kisses of sweetness.
95 points $32.99
Vallformosa  Collecció Brut Rosé Pinot Noir
95 points
Dusty silvery amber color. Fruity, attractive aromas and flavors of cranberry relish, herbal honey, and lilacs with a satiny, crisp, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a complex, medium-long finish that shows shades of spiced pomegranate and coconut, blood orange and kiwi, and hint of herbal cherry lozenge with no oak flavor. A rich and intricate rosé Cava with enticing layers of fruit, spice, and herbs.
Champagne Devaux NV Grande Reserve Champagne
94 points
Light gold color. Aromas of french canelé pastry, brioche with apricot preserve, gunsmoke, and butter-poached apple with a round, racy, finely carbonated, dryish medium body and a tingling, distinctive, long yuzu marmalade, salted parker dinner rolls, and dried pineapple finish. A NV champagne that will stand the test of time; smoky, svelte, and stimulating.
Champagne Devaux NV Cuvée Rosée Champagne
93 points
Amber salmon color. Earthy aromas of cantaloupe, marinated shitake mushrooms, licorice, dried fig, and autumn leaves with a round, lively, finely carbonated, dry medium body and an even, amusing, medium-long passion fruit, yogurt with marinated strawberry, and dried lavender finish with light oak flavor. A crispy and stylish Champagne that will pair with most anything.
Champagne Devaux NV Cuvée D Champagne
93 points
Golden yellow color. Inviting aromas and flavors of buttered brioche, smoked apricot preserves on greek yogurt, honey, musk, and pressed wildflowers with a satiny, lively, finely carbonated, dry medium body and a refreshing, medium-long finish with notes of spritz of lemon, pickled ginger, quartz, key lime pith, and pineapple on Hawaiian rolls with a suggestion of oak flavor. A super bright, slightly smoky Champagne with thick, sensuous aromas.
Champagne Devaux 2008 D Millésimé Champagne
93 points
Golden yellow color. Aromas of bruleed lemon, baked cantaloupe, coriander, rye, coconut cream pie on a graham cracker crust, and lemon custard with a satiny, vibrant, fizzy, medium body and a seamless, complex, medium-long peach confiture and jasmine finish with crunchy tannins and light oak flavor. An interesting Brut Champagne that should develop lots of nuance and intrigue after a slumber in the cellar.
Ruggeri NV Gialloro Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG
93 points
Best Buy
Emerald straw color. Aromas and flavors of sliced apples, underripe nectarine, gravel, raw pistachio, and custard with a supple, crisp, effervescent, dryish light body and a silky, captivating, carefree finish revealing notes of freshly peeled orange. This is a showstopper example of the heights that DOCG Prosecco can reach, showing off a serious and dry palate to complement its natural fruity qualities, and a finish that goes on for days.
93 points $19.99 Best Buy
Antech 2015 Emotion Sparkling Rosé Crémant de Limoux AOC
93 points
Best Buy
Silvery amber color. Fresh aromas of lemon curd on fresh crumpet, strawberry preserves, and nougat with a satiny, lively, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a tingling, interesting, medium-long white strawberry, clementine, and delicate anise cookie finish. A vibrant and flavor-packed sparkler that will make a wonderful aperitif.
93 points $19 Best Buy
Bonaval NV Brut Rosado Cava DO
93 points
Best Buy
Bright pink coral color. Aromas and flavors of white chocolate graham crackers, strawberries yogurt, plantain skin, and hint of rubber leaf with a supple, tangy, effervescent, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a compelling, medium-length finish evoking overtones of pomegranate white raspberry relish, blood orange with cornichon, nut brittle, and wet limestone with a suggestion of oak flavor. A rich flavorful cava with mouthwatering acidity.
93 points $10 Best Buy