About Best Buys

Best Buys are spirits that deliver great taste at a great price. We use an algorithm that compares the ratio of a product's suggested retail price to our score in order to calculate our Best Buy list. If you are on a budget, these bottles can't be beat! 

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Best Inexpensive Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Altos Classic Lime Margarita
95 points
Best Buy
Nice clean agave flavors with a splash of lime and salt without too much manipulation will make you very happy to sip this.
95 points Best Buy
Crater Lake Rock and Rye RTD Cocktail
91 points
Best Buy
A tasty, cherry-laden Old Fashioned that hits the spot; this easy to serve cocktail will surely please your guests' palates.
91 points $19 Best Buy
Plume & Petal Cucumber Spritz RTD
89 points
Best Buy
A nicely balanced, dry cucumber cocktail with good purity, carbonation, and persistence; never cloying.
89 points $12 Best Buy
The Long Drink Company Long Drink Zero Low-Calorie RTD
88 points
Best Buy
A nice lo-cal grapefruit crusher.
88 points $2 Best Buy
Blue Marble RTD Pure Love Hard Seltzer
86 points
Best Buy
A crisp, clean seltzer with just a hint of bright lemon spritz on the palate; the perfect vodka spritz for those on the go.
86 points $1.67 Best Buy