About Red Sangria

About Red Sangria
Red Sangria is a beverage made with red wine and fruit juice. Most commonly associated with Spain, red Sangria is the most typical style of Sangria; there is also a white version.

As Sangria is associated with Spain, many recipes call for a young red Rioja as the wine of choice. However, any light to medium-bodied red with forward fruit and light tannins (such as a Gamay or inexpensive Pinot Noir or blended red) can be used. The wine is mixed with orange and red grape juice as well as small bits of fresh lemons, oranges and apples. It is usually served in a pitcher and serves as a great thirst quencher on a hot summer's day.

Top Picks for Red Sangria

Art Of Earth NV Bubbly Sangria Castilla La Mancha
87 points
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Ripe and zesty, this red Sangria is moderately sweet and quite refreshing.
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De La Costa NV Red Sangria Red Blend Zinfandel and Merlot
87 points
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A tasty Sangria that delivers toasty oak, juicy berry flavors and the citrusy-spice profile you crave.
Awards: 2022 Best Canned Red Sangria
87 points $6 Best Buy
Barefoot NV Sangria California
85 points
A fresh and fruity sangria; party in a bottle.
85 points $6.99
XOXO NV Red Sangria Canada
85 points
A pleasing summer sipper with crisp flavors of orchard and stone fruits that will match well with hors d'ouevres.
El Paseo NV Red Sangria Wine Cocktail American
85 points
Serve with a chill and crush a pitcher or two with friends poolside.
Round Barn  Sparkling Red Sangria Lake Michigan Shore
84 points
Quaffable and bright with zesty red fruit on both the nose and palate.
Oak Leaf NV Sangria American
84 points
Best Buy
A citrusy Sangria for cocktails in a pinch.
84 points $3 Best Buy
VAYCAY NV Red Sangria Spain
84 points
A light and not-too-sweet Sangria to serve with a good chill.
84 points $18.99
Stone Hill NV Sangria Hermann
83 points
A nice well balanced sangria with natural flavors and tingling spiciness.
Black Box NV Red Sangria N/A
82 points
A simple Kalimotxo-like Sangria for effortless sipping.
82 points $19.98