About Specialty Mead

About Specialty Mead
The specialty mead category is a catch-all for and array of historical and innovative mead styles, including hopped mead, barrel-aged mead, rhodomel (mead with rose added), coffeamel (mead with coffee added), hippocras (mead with wine, brandy, and cinnamon added), capsicumel (mead with chili peppers added), and Viking Blood (mead with cherries added).

Top Picks for Specialty Mead

Liquid Alchemy Beverages Ground & Tapped Mead
93 points
Best Buy
Golden yellow color. Aromas and flavors of fresh cold brew coffee, hint of honeyed peach, and cigar ash with a satiny, shy, fruity medium body and a sleek, medium-length finish revealing notes of honeycomb, soy latte with honey, cocoa powder, and coffee ice cream finish. A round and pleasant coffee mead that is sure to please, try with desserts.
93 points $15 Best Buy
Bootleg Hill Honey Meads Bad Ass Mead with Coffee
92 points
Best Buy
Minutely hazy gold color. Roasted, interesting aromas and flavors of artisanal coffee, baking chocolate, honey roasted nuts, and hint of sweet gherkin with a supple, bright, off-dry medium body and a tingling, appealing, medium-long finish with shades of spiced baked apple, spiced nuts and yams, pumpkin spiced latte, and hint of chili powder finish. A rich and nicely balanced coffee-flavored mead with with complex flavors and a long finish.
92 points $15.99 Best Buy
Stolen Harvest 2020 Coffee Bochet Honey Wine
90 points
Amber color. Aromas and flavors of cafe latte, whipped honey, hints of candied orange, and hazelnut with a round, crisp, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a seamless, complex, medium-long finish revealing notes of canele and candied lemon. A very well-executed coffee flavored Mead with caramelly undertones and great balance; a lovely closer to the meal.
Meadow Vista Pictish Beast Braggot Mead
88 points
Best Buy
Silvery straw color. Aromas and flavors of caramel yogurt, onion bun, lager, dark roasted nuts, and honeyed cream cheese pastry with a satiny, crisp, effervescent, dryish light-to-medium body and a silky, delightful, medium-length finish. An interesting Braggot that neatly toes the line between a roasty Dunkel and a lighthearted Mead.
88 points $7 Best Buy
Monks Meadery Abstinence in the Abbey
85 points
Old gold color. Aromas and flavors of milk chocolate soft serve, buttercream, caramel-covered pretzels, and black tea with a satiny, crisp, spritzy, fruity sweet light-to-medium body and a smooth, captivating, medium-length finish. A rich, ice cream shop of a Mead with creamy flavors and refreshing bubbles.
Chaucer’s Sparkling Mead
82 points
Straw green color. Aromas of lemon-lime soda, struck match, mushrooms, quince, and pickled ginger with a silky, lively, fruity light body and a silky, brisk fruit cocktail finish. A light and fruity tipple for beachside sipping.