About Jamaican Beer

About Jamaican Beer
There are several styles of beer in Jamaica, including stouts as high as 7.5% alcohol, but it is pale lager that is clearly the most popular in as well as out of the country. These are refreshing brews meant for the beach or a picnic or warm summer days; the exports are marketed for youth, reflecting the good times and sounds of Jamaica. The robust stouts on the other hand work well with Oriental pork or Thai noodles.

Top Picks for Jamaica

Dragon Stout
82 points
Nearly opaque brown black color. Aromas of green apple sorbet, chocolate dried pear, and grape jam and soda with a soft, effervescent, off-dry medium body and a smooth, fast caramel apple, mocha milkshake, and walnut toffee finish. A sweet fruity stout for casual sipping, beertails, and spicy meat dishes.