About Vietnamese Beer

About Vietnamese Beer
Vietnam produces a range of well made lager style beers that are the perfect compliment to their spicy cusine.

Top Picks for Vietnam

Bia Saigon Lager
93 points
Light and easy drinking yet elegant; would pair well with spicy and complex dishes.
Bia Lac Viet Lager
92 points
Light and refreshing, so its totally clean, crushable, and palate cleansing.
Awards: 2023 World Beer Championships Bronze Medal
Bia Saigon Export Lager
92 points
Clean and easy with a touch of sweetness; yummy and crushable.
Bia Saigon Limited Edition Gold Pilsner
91 points
A tasty and refreshing Euro Lager to entice you into seconds and thirds.
Bia 333 Pale Lager
88 points
Crisp and refreshing with a pleasing salinity and herbaceous tone to match the malt sweetness.
Awards: 2023 World Beer Championships Bronze Medal
Bia Saigon Special Lager
87 points
A light, crisp, refreshing Lager for drinking by the pint along side your favorite hard cheeses.
Bia Saigon Chill Lager
87 points
Smooth round texture and a pleasing sweetness with citrus and mild bitterness for a perfect warm weather grilling beer.
Bia Saigon Coffee Infused Lager
87 points
An interesting lager, showing crisp and clean yet with a powerful coffee impact.