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Obviously, when you think of Spain, you think of...white wine?
A Fresh Look at Spanish Whites

By Jared Thomas, Special to BTI

Spain is known for many things: the spiciest food in Europe, Dali & Picasso, windswept vistas and robust red wine. But, below the surface and a part from the obvious, a world of refreshment awaits. The white wines of Spain are in a class by themselves.   more >>

Eco-Friendly Wines Shine on the International Stage
The Time is Ripe for Green Wine

By Jerald O’Kennard

Eco-Friendly wines, like foodstuffs, are on the rise. As consumers demand more green goods, producers respond by embracing traditional farming techniques that in many cases produce better quality fruit and more profitability. However on the other side of the wine equation, namely winemaking, there is a tendency to resist giving up all the controls at the modern winemaker’s disposal.   more >>

The 2010 World Value Wine Challenge  
Wine Benefits of the New Normal

By Jerald O’Kennard

The 10th Annual World Value Wine Challenge results are in and the news is good for consumers seeking great tasting wines $20 and under in the age of the “New Normal”. One of the aftereffects of the “Great Recession” is what is being referred to in the wine trade as the New Normal, namely the habit of trading down in price caused by imposed thriftiness continuing on even as the economy improves.   more >>

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