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Spirits Articles


Rum by Gum

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to BTI

Rumbullion. Sounds like soup, put it’s the most likely source for the name of a lovely spirit which has been unfairly tied to pirates. Rumbullion, sometimes rumbustion, was the behavior associated with folks who’d had a few jars of rum when it was the new kid on the bar, and it was shortened to become the name of the tipple itself.   more >>

Want to Craft a Cocktail for a Wedding Party?
Mr. Sullivan Suggests You Examine the Bride’s Knees

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to BTI

The bride’s knees were a hit. You never see the bride’s knees, of course, and this bride was no exception, but the bride’s knees in question here was a bespoke cocktail.

The bride herself was my new daughter-in-law Kate.   more >>

Vodka, The Recession Proof Spirit
Results From The World’s Largest Vodka Tasting

By Jerald O’Kennard

Despite the weak US economy vodka sales remain strong with an increase of 6% in volume over last year. Our own informal barometer of the vodka market, the number of vodkas entered into our annual International Review of Spirits vodka tasting, confirms this trend with over 143 entries this year, a new record for us and probably the world.   more >>