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Beer Articles


The New Standard
Specialty Beer Evolution and Revolution

By Tom Sulinski

Each year at the World Beer Championships, we open our doors and prepare our palates, for what we like to categorize as “specialty beers”. This session always brings forth a discussion of what exactly specialty beers are, and more so, how this changing definition of specialty beers attributes to the overall landscape of beer.   more >>

The Lords of the Ales
A Powerful Onslaught of Ales from the Two Towers of North America and Great Britain

By Tom Sulinski & Jerald O’Kennard

The two towers of the ale world, Britain and America, have legions of devoted fanatics. One camp would campaign that too many North American craft ales have become too brash, too assertively hoppy, leaving them craving the subtle and traditional session ales inspired by the UK, while the other camp lusts for even bigger “imperial” American-inspired ales.   more >>

2010 Specialty Beers
What Makes You So Special?

By Jerald O’Kennard

A year ago, I mused about the proliferation of specialty beers, (i.e. beers made with unusual fermentables or techniques) diluting the very concept or what it means to be specialty beer.  Based on the wide range of “extreme”, fruit flavored, smoked, herbed, spiced, and “alternately grained” beers we reviewed from around the world in this year’s specialty session, the procession of specialty to normalcy is far from over.   more >>