About Stout and Porters from Scotland

About Stout  and  Porters from Scotland
Scotland: Malty Ales Much like its culture, Scotland has managed to preserve a distinct brewing identity separate from that of England. The Scottish preference is for soft, sweetish malt-accented ales with low hop bittering. Scotch ales vary, with recipes ranging from medieval to avant-garde, especially among the emerging craft breweries around the country. In earlier days, Scotch ales were shipped to all corners of the Empire. However, today many of the independent breweries that once made Edinburgh one of Britain’s greatest brewing centers are no longer in operation. Popular breweries with products exported to the United States include BrewDog from Fraserburgh, The Caledonian Brewing Company in Edinburgh and Belhaven from East Lothian.

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Stout and Porters

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company Bourbon Dark Ale Scottish Porter
81 points
Minutely hazy bronze color. Roasted aromas and flavors of baking chocolate, dark roasted nuts, and dark sourdough toast with a supple, racy, finely carbonated, sourish medium body and a tingling, brisk finish imparting notes of chocolate yogurt, grilled sweet potato, hint of sauerkraut, and wet paper finish. A savory, earthy porter.