Tastings Panelist - Mark Gruber
Luxury Spirits Specialist & Educator
Southern Wines & Spirits
Spirits, Wine Judge
Along with his work with Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois, Mark teaches wine appreciation and classic cocktail classes at his Alma mater, Northwestern University. He has been a senior panelist at BTI/Tastings.com since its inception in Chicago. Mark has authored numerous magazine articles on wine and spirits, most notably the whiskey entry in the Oxford Encyclopedia for Food and Drink in America. Recently, Mark served as consulting mixologist for The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits, by Alan Dikty and Bill Owens. Mark enjoys the good life, i.e. good food, friends, his champagne gold 1977 Avanti, fine wristwatches, formal entertaining, fashion-forward shirt cuffs, and feeling the breeze in his...
For more about Mark visit his website at www.southernwine.com.