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Gator Bite

Gator Bite
Satsuma & Rum Liqueur

Category: Fruit Liqueur

Date Tasted:
Country: USA
Alcohol: 30%
Bronze Medal

Gator Bite
Satsuma & Rum Liqueur

Category: Fruit Liqueur

Date Tasted:
Country: USA
Alcohol: 30%
Neon orange color. Aromas of hi-c orange drink and orange jell-o with a supple, bright, sweet light-to-medium body and a rapid orange Pez finish. A brightly hued fruity orange liqueur that’s fun and festive.

Tasting Info

Spirits Glass Style: Candied & Fruity
Aroma Aroma: hi-c orange drink and orange jell-o
Taste Flavor: orange Pez
Smoothness Smoothness: Supple
Enjoy Enjoy: in cocktails
Cocktail Cocktails: Amaretto Sour, Pimm's Cup
Bottom Line Bottom Line: A brightly hued fruity orange liqueur that's fun and festive.

The Importer

Stoli Group USA, LLC

The Importer
135 E. 57th St, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022
1 212-858-9090

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Fruit Liqueur

Spirits Glass Copita Ruby.jpg
Serve in a Copita
Fruit liqueurs are produced by two main methods, either purely with fruit juices or sometimes with fruit that has been steeped in alcohol. Numerous fruits are used in the production of fruit liqueurs, such as cherry, strawberry, raspberry, cassis and blackberry. Alcoholic content ranges from 15% to 30%.

These types of fruit liqueurs are produced throughout Europe, from France and Italy to Germany and Denmark. There are also some produced from the Caribbean, namely coconut liqueur.

While many of these fruit liqueurs are medium-sweet or even sweeter, there are some that are quite dry with a light bitterness. Most are meant for consumption on their own, sometimes before a meal, sometimes after.

This is an extremely popular category the world round, as many fruit liqueurs serve as the base of numerous cocktails.