Drinks Of The Week

Laura Kruming-Berg Tastings.com Asst. Director
"Our Drinks of the Week selections are adroitly chosen from our hundreds of monthly blind wine, beer, and spirits reviews. We want to share with you not only the best values for your money, but also interesting and unique artisanally crafted drinks that may be a little harder find, but are well worth the effort."

– Laura Kruming-Berg, Associate Director, BTI
Drink of the Week for 9/17/2020

Spirit of the Week

Kelley American Single Malt Whiskey

Have you updated your American Single Malt shelf lately?

Wine of the Week

Two K Farms 2019 Russet Heritage Cider

This Cider will skip into Fall alongside you!

Beer of the Week

Wernesgrüner Brauerei Pils

This Pils thrills!