About Porter

About Porter
Porters are red-brown to black in color and range from 4.5-6.5% in alcohol. They are medium to full-bodied and characterized by a flavor profile that varies from subtle dark malts to fully-roasted, smoky flavors. Although porter was the drink of the masses in 1700s London, it is no longer a significant factor in the British market today. However, porters are increasingly popular in today’s US market and often display the influence of hops in richer craft-brewed examples. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Fuller’s London Porter, Samuel Smiths Taddy Porter, Meantime London Porter and Flossmoor Station Pullman Brown Ale.

Top Picks for Porter

Etna Brewing Co. Old Grind Porter
85 points
Medium walnut color. Aromas and flavors of cola, Tootsie Rolls, dried fruit, and cinnamon with a supple, soft, petillant, dry medium body and a polished, momentary finish with nuances of gouda finish. A friendly, mild and easy-going porter; a nice introduction to the category.
Penn Cove Brewing Co. Patmore Porter
84 points
Walnut color. Aromas and flavors of char-roasted coffee, hints of smoked meats, vanilla custard, hints of green apple, and tobacco with a satiny, crisp, finely carbonated, dry medium body and a warming, compelling, medium-length finish. A dominating rich and smoky porter best as a nightcap.