About Flavored Malt Beverages

Flavored malt beverages encompass a wide range of hard sodas, hard seltzers, and malt-based ready-to-drink cocktails all made with malt-derived alcohol instead of distilled spirits.

Top Picks for Flavored Malt Beverages

Indeed Brewing Company Boon Blueberry Basil Hard Kombucha
96 points
A lively and balanced Hard Kombucha busting with fresh basil flavors and natural berry.
Awards: 2022 Best Hard Kombucha 2021 Best Hard Kombucha
Quirk Watermelon Salt & Lime Hard Seltzer
94 points
A fresh, inviting cucumber-y melon Hard Seltzer that slaps!
Awards: 2022 Best Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
Quirk Grapefruit Twist Hard Seltzer
93 points
A juicy, refreshing and dry grapefruit seltzer that satisfies.
Clubtails Sunny Margarita
92 points
Like a carbonated candy Margarita; tasty and highly drinkable.
Awards: 2024 World Beer Championships - Best Malt-Based Cocktail
Kirkland Signature Lime Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
92 points
A tasty, tropical seltzer treat; stylish, instantly appealing and crushable.
Kirkland Signature Mango Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
91 points
A very tasty Hard Seltzer that delivers light, pure flavors with a refreshing, dry finish.
Quirk Cherry Blossom & Lime Hard Seltzer
91 points
A juicy cherry lemonade-like Seltzer that satisfies.
Holzlager Brewing Company Blueberry Hard Seltzer
91 points
Pure fruit flavors and just a hint of fruity sweetness make this a super refreshing, crowdpleasing seltzer.
Awards: 2022 World Beer Championships Gold Medal - Best Hard Seltzer
Bacardi Breezer Peach & White Tea Seltzer
90 points
A tropical club soda with a kick; dry, refreshing and tasty.
Kirkland Signature Black Cherry Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
90 points
Bold, candied berry flavors with a pleasingly dry palate; a simple and crowd pleasing seltzer.