About Nigori Sake

About Nigori Sake
Nigori saké is unfiltered, appearing cloudy, and is the way saké has been brewed in Japan for much of its 2000 year history. It’s sweeter than most sakés, and many people enjoy its nut-like quality. It pairs well with more spicy/savory foods and works best with non-Japanese Asian cuisines such as Thai and Korean or seafood prepared with a fruit sauce.

Top Picks for Nigori Sake

Farthest Star Sake  Mountains On The Moon Nigori
94 points
Best Buy
A delicious, nicely layered, and balanced Nigori that deftly offers flavor and depth; very well executed.
94 points $9 Best Buy
Momokawa Pearl  Creamy Nigori Sake
89 points
Best Buy
A decadent, almost-off-dry Nigori Sake that will be a treat with spicy foods.
89 points $16 Best Buy
Sho Chiku Bai  Sho Ginjo Nigori Sake
88 points
A velvety Nigori with sweet grain notes; a good accompaniment to spicy fare.