About Junmai Ginjo Sake

About Junmai Ginjo Sake
A junmai ginjo sake is a very particular type of sake. Junmai refers to a sake that is a pure rice wine, one that does not have any distilled alcohol added. Ginjo refers to the fact that at least 40% of the rice polished away during the brewing process. This process for a ginjo sake is done at lower temperatures, which takes longer, but produces a sake that is light and fragrant with greater complexity.

A junmai ginjo sake is considered a "super premium" sake, which represents less than 10% of all sake. Along with traditional foods paired with sake, such as sushi or Asian cuisine, a junmai ginko sake also marries well with roast turkey or even leg of lamb.

Top Picks for Junmai Ginjo Sake

Hiro  Blue Junmai Ginjo Sake
93 points
This Junmai Ginjo is soft and pleasing, and will enhance any light seafood preparations, pork and chicken dishes, as well as any sauces with cream.
Sho Chiku Bai  Premium Ginjo Sake
90 points
Best Buy
An excellent example of Junmai Ginjo; complex and easy to pair.
90 points $8 Best Buy
Momokawa Diamond  Medium Dry Junmai Ginjo Sake
90 points
Best Buy
A tasty Junmai Ginjo Sake that offers well-balanced flavors that weave between fruity and savory; a very good pairing for beef and richer cheeses.
90 points $16 Best Buy
Yomi  Junmai Ginjo Sake
89 points
Best Buy
A silky and restrained Junmai Ginjo Sake well-suited to light pairings.
89 points $6 Best Buy
Wesake  Junmai Ginjo Sake
88 points
Best Buy
A delightful and delicate Junmai Ginjo, perfect for sipping on its own or enjoying with lightly dressed salads and raw seafood.
88 points $4 Best Buy
Momokawa Organic  Medium Rich Junmai Ginjo Sake
86 points
Gentle fruit aromas and a plush mouthfeel; this is an assuaging Junmai Ginjo that drinks effortlessly.