About Traditional Mead

About Traditional Mead
Traditional meads should incorporate only honey as a fermentable ingredient, along with water and of course yeast. They can range in character from dry to semi-sweet to sweet, and may be sparkling or still. While not necessarily “traditional”, they may also be fortified and/or barrel-aged. Whether the honey used is a single varietal or a mixture, it is important for a successful traditional mead to evidence the floral nature of the honey; indeed, it should be the defining characteristic. Some acidity is often desired to balance sweetness, but this is not necessary. Lighter versions may be analogous to white wines of corresponding sweetness/dryness, but should present distinctly honeyed emphasis.

Top Picks for Traditional Mead

Philip Mead  Traditional Sweet Mead
92 points
Best Buy
Unabashedly and wholeheartedly honey in its true self from start to finish.
92 points $16 Best Buy
Martin Brothers  Wildflower Honey Mead
92 points
A powerful and strong mead with tremendous floral notes; enjoy with maple glazed ham.
Awards: 2022 Top 2 Traditional Mead
Eight Crowns  Wildflower Traditional Mead
90 points
Bold floral and fruity aromatics yet soft and elegant from beginning to end; white flowers and candied green melon wrapped in silk.
Martin Brothers  Orange Blossom Mead
89 points
A bright and citrusy mead that enervates and delights.
Stolen Harvest 2022 Limited Edition Mocha Bochet Traditional Mead
88 points
A fascinating balance of sweet, savory, and earthy flavors; like honey in your dark morning coffee.
Stolen Harvest 2022 Limited Edition Blueberry Blossom Traditional Mead
87 points
Delicate blue fruit sweetness with a nice earthy foundation of flavors.
Stolen Harvest  Birch Hills Traditional Mead
87 points
Decadent without being cloying, a layered and thoughtful sipper.
Honeywood  Traditional Mead
87 points
An curious mix of sweet and alliaceous notes keeps this interesting.
Meadow Vista  Cloud Horse Mead
86 points
A finely balanced drinking mead that restrains the sugar to focus on the floral and intense character of the honey from which it came.
Martin Brothers  Dry Wildflower Mead Batch #7
85 points
Pleasantly earthy and savory; a well made product with a bit of wild yeast funk.