About Pyment

About Pyment
Pyment is a particular sub-category of melomels, where the fruit in question is specifically: Grapes. It is important to note that the grape juice should be fermented with the honey, rather than blended in afterwards. ‘Mulsum’ is a historic variety of pyment that generally refers to the post-fermentation blend of wine and honey (and sometimes water or sea-water). Both red and white grapes may be used; ones made with white grapes are sometimes called "white mead." The best have enticing aromas of honey, custard and tropical fruits and are made in a dessert style.

Top Picks for Pyment

Meadow Vista  Ostara Dessert Mead
92 points
With notes of sweet white flowers and grape must, this Pyment would pair well with a charcuterie board.
Stolen Harvest  Sable Grape Rosé Pyment Mead
87 points
An interesting Pyment that might challenge your conceptions of what wine or mead should be.