About Metheglin

About Metheglin
Metheglin is a traditional mead to which a mixture of spices and/or spices have been added. It is interesting to note that the word ‘medicine’ is derived from the word ‘metheglin’. While the honey character in both aroma & palate can be variable, the primary emphasis in this style is how well the spices and/or herbs are integrated into the beverage – they should not overwhelm the honey characteristics, but should be featured. A synergy of the individual ingredients is ideal.

Top Picks for Metheglin

Monks Meadery  Stigmata
90 points
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A delightful Mead with joyful, fruity flavors and a dry refreshing palate; a lovely toaster for the holidays and other celebrations.
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Liquid Alchemy Beverages 2020 Glogg-Toberfest Mead Willmington
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A citrusy, spicy Mead for the winter months.
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Meadow Vista  Mabon Spiced Mead
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An easy-drinking spiced mead that will appeal to gin lovers.