About Metheglin

About Metheglin
Metheglin is a traditional mead to which a mixture of spices and/or spices have been added. It is interesting to note that the word ‘medicine’ is derived from the word ‘metheglin’. While the honey character in both aroma & palate can be variable, the primary emphasis in this style is how well the spices and/or herbs are integrated into the beverage – they should not overwhelm the honey characteristics, but should be featured. A synergy of the individual ingredients is ideal.

Top Picks for Metheglin

Stolen Harvest 2022 Special Edition Orchard Plum Metheglin Mead
93 points
Racy and confident yet deft on the fundamentals; good enough to sip alone and bold enough to pair with barbecued meats or foie gras.
Philip Mead  Dark Cacao Mead
92 points
Best Buy
Direct and pronounced flavors of chocolate, tart orange fruits, and honeyed sweetness; clearly utilizing high quality inputs.
92 points $16 Best Buy
Stolen Harvest 2022 Special Edition Dandelion Petal Metheglin Mead
88 points
Spring rain on fresh greens; this mead will make a lovely aperitif and salad pairing.