About Spanish Cider

About Spanish Cider
Asturians call it sidra, while those of the Basque region call it sagardoa; together they are the heading “Spanish Ciders” because they are truly a distinct style. Traditional Spanish ciders have the reputation of being quite tart – the blend of varietals definitely leans toward the sharp ones, and away from sweet & bittersweet. This has its own appeal, but the locals have figured out the best way to enjoy their beverage: pour like the escanciadores do, by “throwing” the cider into a glass from four or five feet away. This throw really changes the character of the cider, making it softer & more velvety & less acidic; it aerates the cider.

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Hazy golden straw color. Aromas of lime kombucha, honey, labrusca grapes, and olives with a slightly chewy, tangy, spritzy, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a warming, interesting, medium-long fresh herbs and leather finish. A dry, all-natural Spanish Cidra with vivacious acidity and grippy tannin.
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