About Ice Cider

About Ice Cider
Ice cider is a specialty of the Canadian province of Quebec and is the cider version of ice wine, as it is made from the juice of frozen apples. These apples are picked at the end of January and are then pressed and fermented, a process that takes months. Alcohol is between 7% and 13%. They have intriguing flavors of spiced apple, honey and custard. Most are still, but some have a light effervescence. Enjoy on their own or with vanilla ice cream.

Top Picks for Ice Cider

Kystin  Secret Ice Cider
97 points
Minutely hazy deep amber color. Aromas and flavors of dried apples and honeycomb with a supple, tangy, moderately sweet fat body and a smooth, interesting, long finish with notes of honeyed kumquats, apple and apricot skins, tangerine, and lemon spritz. A deliciously mouthwatering, not-too-sweet Ice Cider with fantastic purity, depth, and acidity.
Weymouth Winery  Apple Ice Wine Cider
82 points
Dull light gold color. Aromas of pickled apple and melon, caramelized peach, marinated shittakes, and lit beeswax candle with a supple, vibrant, fruity sweet medium body and a tingling, relaxed flan with whipped cream, nougat, and lemon pepper finish. An easy drinking cross between still cider and ice cider; try in cocktails or with desserts.