About Common Cider

About Common Cider
Common ciders range in alcohol from 4-8% and typically feature dominant apple aromas and flavors. Most are not dry, but also not cloying, with a sweet, medium body and acidity. This style is what the majority of consumers associate with hard cider. The descriptor 'common' is in reference to the types of apples used to produce these ciders, rather than in reference to its quality of ready availability. Common ciders are produced from culinary table apples, typically including varietals such as Golden Delicious, Jonathan and Macintosh to name a few.

Top Picks for Common Cider

Easton Cider Co.  Apple Blend Common Cider
93 points
Best Buy
Crisp and clean with a good balance of acidity and fruit without feeling too sweet as to mask the natural flavors of apple.
93 points $15 Best Buy
Highpoint Cider  Transplant New England Style Semi-Dry Cider
92 points
True and authentic, this naturally cloudy cider doesn't hide it's rustic heritage and keeps you guessing until the end.
Wicked Grove  Hard Cider
92 points
Best Buy
A fruity and floral slightly sweet Cider with confectionary aromas but zippy acidity; will make a great palate refresher after a pulled pork sandwich.
92 points $7.99 Best Buy
Two K Farms NV Imperial Hard Cider Leelanau Peninsula
92 points
Best Buy
A lovely common cider loaded with tart refreshing apple and ginger on the nose and palate; this belongs in an English public house.
92 points $18 Best Buy
Dutton Estate 2022 Hard Apple Cider Sonoma County
88 points
Best Buy
Good balance of flavors with a nice acidity, this will make a tasty aperitif as well as prove very sessionable with a wide range of fares.
88 points $3 Best Buy
Woodchuck  Amber Sweet Red Apple Hard Cider
88 points
Best Buy
A refreshing and unctuous semi-sweet cider that doesn't go overboard on sugar, and gives an enjoyable and carefree experience.
88 points $9 Best Buy
Woodchuck  Amber Hard Cider
87 points
A sweet and sexy cider that comes with a sweet sugary intro and satisfies with a crisp swallow.
Vermont Cider Co.  Woodchuck Hard Bubbly Apple Cider
84 points
A fruity, candied Cider for effortless sipping.