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87 • Westport Rivers 2012 Pinot Noir Rosé, Massachusetts $19.99.  Sustainable Agriculture 
Light crimson with notes of pumpkin and ruby. Aromas of strawberry, crushed boysenberry and ripe papaya. Dry and silky red fruit flavors and notes of just crushed wild raspberries with a touch of grape tannin gives it just enough seriousness to pair with a wide range of foods from roast chicken to Bouillabaisse. Finish is well balanced, making you want another sip. (tasted on Nov-09-2013)
85 • Fox Brook 2012 White Zinfandel, California $6.99. Best Buy.
Light magenta. Aromas of strawberries, papaya and sweet melon. Off dry with a touch of crisp red delicious apples balances the ripe papaya and strawberry flavors. Well made for a variety of food pairings from salads to roast chicken to cold meats. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
85 • Crane Lake 2012 White Zinfandel, California $6.99. Best Buy.
Light strawberry red. Aromas of cherry skin, raspberries and red plums. Off dry. Sweet cherries, crushed strawberries, raspberry jam and a touch of sweet tomato. Well balanced through the finish with just enough crisp red apple flavors to balance the berries. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
84 • Chateau St. Croix NV Wild River Rose, American $13.99.
Bright pink with copper tones. Aromas of strawberry, roses, lingonberry, red licorice and red cherries. Off dry berry flavors lead the simple palate and finish. (tasted on Nov-09-2013)
84 • Shenandoah 2012 Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shenandoah Valley $15.
Light copper with a pink rim. Aromas of sweet raspberry, wild strawberries, watermelon, nut, and peach tart. Sweet aromas turn to a dry rose. Fruit is a bit tired with flavors of berry and cherry salad that has lost its vibrancy. (tasted on Nov-09-2013)
84 • Forest Glen 2012 "Forest Fire", White Merlot, California $9.99.
Cherry red, quite deep for a rose, on the verge of a light red. Aromas of tomato leaf, cherries and strawberries with a earthy freshly tilled garden soil note. Sweet cherry and strawberry flavors finish off dry. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
84 • Estrella River 2012 Proprietor's Reserve, White Zinfandel, California $7.99.
Pink to pale red. Aromas of lingonberry, black raspberry and boysenberry. Strawberry and hay aromas and flavors. Has a dusty note to the palate, like a fruit cellar or unwashed apples off a tree. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
84 • Coastal Ridge 2012 White Zinfandel, California $8.99.
Light magenta. Aromas of strawberries, plums, cherries and red apple skin. Off dry with red berries driving the flavors. A fruit forward picnic wine. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
83 • ForestVille 2012 White Zinfandel, California $6.99. Best Buy.
Orange-tinged copper. Aromas of cherries, raspberries and red plums. Sweet cherry-centric palate is simple and driven by the core of sweet red fruit. Tastes like a well-made cherry wine. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
81 • Brass Tacks 2012 Pink Moscato, California $15.
Pale Copper with notes of amber. Sweet aromas of candied apples, sweet tarts, cherry lifesavers and applejacks. On the verge of cloying with sweet strawberry and caramel apple flavors, heavy on the palate with the lack of anything crisp. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
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