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94 • Dr. Konstantin Frank 2012 Reserve, Riesling, Finger Lakes $24.99.
Light gold to polished brass. Aromas of golden pineapple, mango and sweet papaya with stoney minerality and honeyed raisins. Sweet and honeyed with lip smacking acidity. Minerality comes thru the palate adding a refreshing complexity. Golden pineapple and lemon flavors mingle with dried honey, dried flowers and peach pit. Long, complex and balanced finish. (tasted on Nov-12-2013)
91 • Heron Hill Winery 2011 Ingle Vineyard, Riesling, Finger Lakes $19.99.
Medium straw. Aromas of golden pineapple, mango, papaya and yellow apples with a note of hay and orange zest. Semidry with lush peach, pear and pineapple flavors and a long, clean, simple finish. (tasted on Nov-12-2013)
90 • Heron Hill Winery 2012 Classic Series, Semi-Sweet, Riesling, Finger Lakes $13.99. Best Buy.
Pale straw. Aromas of honeysuckle, white lilies, acacia, river stones, Meyer lemon, jasmine, peach skin and white raspberry. Off dry with peach, ripe pear and golden pineapple flavors accentuated with white flowers. Opulent fruit on the long, balanced finish. A very pretty style with lots of finesse. (tasted on Nov-12-2013)
89 • Heron Hill Winery 2012 Classic Series, Semi-Dry, Riesling, Finger Lakes $13.99. Best Buy.
Medium straw. Aromas of pear, pineapple, dried mango and lemon zest. Touch of wool, creek pebbles and honeysuckle. Off dry and soft peach flavors mingle with lemon, honey and white plums. Quite complex as if a touch of botrytized grapes were included in the cuvee. (tasted on Nov-12-2013)
89 • Martha Clara Vineyard 2012 Estate Reserve, Riesling, North Fork of Long Island $25.99.
Bright straw yellow. Aromas of candied lemon peel, apple skin, papaya, white pineapple, pear and petrol. Off dry and minerally with sliced apple, pear and white pineapple flavors that persist long and balanced thanks to the bright citrus acidity and mineral core. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
88 • Heron Hill Winery 2012 Classic Series, Dry, Riesling, Finger Lakes $13.99. Best Buy.
Medium straw to pale gold. Aromas of golden pineapple, guava, lychee and sweet orange. Off dry, lively and balanced. Peaches and honeydew flavors coupled with the tropical nose lead to a medium-long finish. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
88 • Chateau St. Croix NV Riesling Auslese, Washington $13.99. Best Buy.
Light straw yellow and star bright. Aromas of Asian pear, mango, papaya, pineapple skin, wet stones and lemon zest. On the dry side of off dry with bright, crisp white grapefruit acidity, stoney minerality and mango, pineapple and ripe pear flavors. Fruit, acid and mineral are well balanced through the finish. (tasted on Nov-15-2013)
88 • Westport Rivers 2012 Riesling, Massachusetts $19.99.  Sustainable Agriculture 
Pale Gold with brass highlights. Aromas of golden pineapple, mango, white raspberry, violets and white icing. Off dry and lightly spritzy and smoky with pineapple, mango, peach and pear flavors. Clean, silky finish with a touch of slate-like minerality. A vibrant oyster wine. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
88 • Treleaven 2012 Semi-Dry, Riesling, Finger Lakes.
Pale straw with a touch of spritz. Aromas of white peach, ripe guava, pineapple, lychee, wool sweater and honeysuckle. Off dry with peach, pineapple, sweet lemon flavors and a zippy off dry finish. Medium long finish full of ripe fruit. (tasted on Nov-12-2013)
88 • Glenora 2012 Dry, Riesling, Finger Lakes $14.99. Best Buy.
Medium straw to pale yellow. Aromas of poached pears, apricot, lemon meringue pie and mango. Off dry, balanced and harmonious, like a well proportioned fruit cocktail. Highly quaffable. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
87 • Martha Clara Vineyard 2012 Riesling, Finger Lakes $22.99.
Pale straw. Aromas of ripe pear, papaya and sliced granny smith apples. Touch of ginger and mango with flavors of sweet Meyer lemon and apple cider. Fresh and lively finish ends with notes of honeysuckle. (tasted on Nov-10-2013)
87 • Treleaven Estate Bottled, Reserve, Riesling, Cayuga Lake.
Bright straw with platinum highlights. Aromas of sugar plums, cantaloupe, Meyer lemon, kumquat and dried apples. Almost dry with refreshing acidity that balances honeydew melon, yellow apple and green papaya flavors. Clean finish with bright notes of crisp apple and creek stones. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
86 • Elk Run 2012 Riesling, American $16.51.
Pale straw with a touch of spritz. Aromas of honeysuckle, Bartlett pear, apple blossom, crenshaw melon and brioche. Semi-sweet with pastry dough, pear tart, Rainier cherry and melon flavors. Supple and balanced with a harmonious fruit cocktail finish. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
86 • Long Lake 2012 Riesling, California $7.99. Best Buy.
Pale golden yellow color. Aromas of dried citrus, soda bread, and peach pit with a soft, fruity light body and a breezed honeyed green apple skin and mineral finish. Tasty and food friendly. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
86 • White Pine 2012 Dry, Riesling, Lake Michigan Shore $14.99. Best Buy.
Deep straw to light gold. Aromas of grilled pineapple, pear tart, creme caramel, marzipan, pastry and honeycrisp apples. Overall dry, but with just a touch of sweet fruit to keep from being austere. Pear, apple and melon flavors are coupled with white grapefruit and pastry dough. (Smells like a Roussanne, very interesting.) (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
86 • White Pine 2012 Reserve, Riesling, Lake Michigan Shore $15.99.
Deep straw to light gold. Aromas of ripe pear, pineapple, mango, apple tart, honeycomb and doughnuts. Off dry with a silky texture and flavors of spiced peaches, heirloom melon, pear and yellow plum. Finishes fruit forward, but not cloying. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
85 • Treleaven 2012 Estate Bottled, Dry, Riesling, Cayuga Lake.
Bright straw with platinum highlights. Sweet aromas of candied pineapple, musk melon, lime, pear and candied apples with a hint of wool blanket. Dry, medium bodied and somewhat austere with parchment and pebbly mineral notes. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
85 • Glenora 2012 Riesling, Finger Lakes $13.99.
Pale straw. Aromas of peach, nectarine, pear, honeydew and wet stones. Off dry flavors of melon and peach cobbler. Finish is clean with nectarines driving the last notes of flavor. (tasted on Nov-12-2013)
85 • Shenandoah 2012 Johannisberg Riesling, Shenandoah Valley $19.
Bright straw with a touch of spritz. Aromas of golden pineapple, orange zest, apple blossoms, mango, Rainier cherries and Meyer lemon. Off dry and silky with honeydew melon, pineapple and lemon meringue pie flavors. Light finish of yellow apples. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
85 • Hacienda 2012 "Clair de Lune", Riesling, California $8.99.
Golden yellow color. Aromas of dried citrus and grilled yellow apple and peaches with a supple, fruity light-to-medium body and a tangy honeyed nut and earth accented finish. A solid, fruity sipper. (tasted on Nov-14-2013)
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