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96 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Bucku Whiskey Liqueur $45/375 ml.
Bright light amber color. Attractive and whisky nuanced aromas caramelized fruits and nuts, nutmeg and baking spices, peppercorns, straw, and honeycomb with a round, syrupy sweet full body and a tingling whisky barrel, chili pepper, and honeyed fruit finish. Bold and satisfying; sip on the rocks or creative clever cocktails. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)
95 • Esprit De June Liqueur $30.99.
Clear with a platinum blue cast. Gorgeously fragrant and intricate aromas of elderflower, peony, and lychee with a silky, vibrant off-dry medium-full body and a long, smooth candied violet accented finish. An elegant feminine liqueur that will give a classy touch to cocktails. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)
95 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Kurumba Rum Liqueur $45/375 ml.
Deep amber color. Vibrant rum barrel aromas of vanilla, caramelized fruits and roasted nuts, and baking spices have a hint of freshly glue wood with a round, syrupy sweet full body and a penetrating Coleman's fuel, varnish, and toffee accented finish. A ballsy liqueur with lots of assertive aged agricole rum qualities here that should express brilliantly in cocktails. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)
93 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Quandong & Gentian Bitters Liqueur $35/500 ml.
Deep reddish mahogany color with a gray cast. Subtle and attractive aromas of Ludens cherry lozenge, black raspberry Jell-O, and bubble gum dust with a silky off-dry medium body and a nice melange of bitter, earthy roots and herbs and dried flowers. Delightful and in the style of aromatized wine; try a splash in sparkling wine. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)
88 • Agwa De Bolivia Coca Herbal Liqueur $32.
Bright electric peridot color. Fancy after shave, chalk eraser, and gelatin aromas with a soft off-dry medium body and a punchy green tea, ginger, leafy herb and cinnamon-clove accented finish with a latent caffeine-like head rush. A well made "energy" spirit. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)
87 • Muromachi Shuzo Sakura-Muromachi "Toro-toro Hachimitsu Shouga-shu" $20/300 ml.
Cloudy yellow orange color. Pure aromas of baked lemon, ginger, and honey with a satiny soft fruity sweet medium-full body and a long earthy, honey, radish, and melon rind accented finish. An interesting artisanal ginger honey liqueur. (tasted on Sep-28-2010)
87 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Chai Liqueur $45/500 ml.
golden amber color. Bright aromas of ginger, cinnamon bark, cardamon, honeyed lemon and lemongrass with a very soft and silky off-dry light-to-medium body and a gentle, lightly peppery and snappy ginger and tea finish. A delicate, feminine liqueur. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)
84 • Calisaya Liqueur$46.50.
Burnished deep amber color. Mild aromas of whole roasted nuts, mincemeat, medicinal bark, and pencil with a soft off-dry medium body and a cola nut, cinnamon stick, herbs and roots, and pepper dust accented astringently bitter finish. Benedictine-like; try as a substitute for vermouth. (tasted on Sep-22-2010)


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