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92 • Lotus White Lotus Vodka $30.99.
Clear. Floral aromas of dried papaya, candied orange peel and delicate spice follow through on a silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with a lively texture and a touch of herbal astringency. A flavorful and nicely balanced vodka for sipping on the rocks or clever cocktails. (tasted on Sep-01-2008)
90 • Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka.
Clear. Dried lemon peel and lemon verbena aromas. A silky entry leads to a dry medium-to-full body of dried lemon peel, talc, and lemon oil flavors. Finishes with a touch of powdered sugar sweetness and a smooth wave of candied lemon peel. Nice pure, bitter lemon rind quality for drier cocktails and very smooth. (tasted on Dec-19-2007)
89 • Absolut Citron Vodka.
Clear. Peppery, lemon custard and meringue aromas. A soft, delicate entry leads to a dryish medium body of creamy lemon custard, wet stones, and angel food cake-like flavors. Finishes with a confectionary lemon, mineral, and peppery spice fade. A nice lively lemon vodka with good smoothness. (tasted on Dec-19-2007)
89 • Ketel One Citroen Vodka.
Clear. Very bright, sweet creamy and spicy lemon curd and faint spice aromas. A soft, silky entry leads to a dryish medium body of pure lemon marmalade, peppery spice and stony mineral flavors. Finishes with a clean, lemon gelatin candy fade. Nice purity and vibrancy with a subtle, elegant edge. (tasted on Dec-19-2007)
88 • SKYY Passion Fruit Infusion Vodka/750 ml.
Clear. Tropical fruit punch and bubble gum aromas follow through to a round, supple off-dry medium body with a touch of orange gelatin candy. Finishes in a fruity sweet fade of tropical punch and gum with accents of white pepper and minerals. Nice delicacy and lively fruitiness will make this a fine mixer. (tasted on Jan-09-2008)
86 • SKYY Cherry Infusion Vodka/750 ml.
Clear. Bright aromas of maraschino cherry, marzipan, bubblegum, and peppery spice. A silky entry leads to a fruity sweet medium body of candied cherries, powdered sugar, gum, and minerals. Finishes with a peppery dried cherry, and slate fade. Nice balance of natural and confected flavors. (tasted on Jan-09-2008)
85 • Smirnoff Twist of Citrus Vodka.
Clear. Spicy lemon pie aromas with a touch of apple. A very soft, silky entry leads to a dryish light-to-medium body of lemon rice candy and wax paper flavors. Finishes with a quick, talc and lemon powder fade. Very mild and ephemeral in flavor, might get lost in a cocktail. (tasted on Dec-19-2007)
84 • Smirnoff Twist of Raspberry Vodka.
Clear. Very mild aromas of raspberry boxes, talc, and lipstick. A round entry leads to an off-dry medium body of raspberry jello, balsa, and mineral oil flavors. Finishes with a spiky hot and bitter raspberry stem, raspberry custard, and petroleum jelly fade. (tasted on Jan-09-2008)
83 • Three Olives Cherry Vodka.
Clear. Maraschino cherry, red lifesaver, and candied citrus peel aromas. A supple entry leads to a mildly fruity light-to-medium body of cherry, powdered milk, and slate flavors. Finishes with a glycerin, diet cherry powder and mineral oil fade. (tasted on Jan-09-2008)
83 • Three Olives Passion Fruit Vodka.
Clear. Over ripe passionfruit punch, plastic, brown sugar, and vaporous white pepper aromas. A soft entry leads to a lightly fruity medium body of tropical fruit gum, powdered sugar, and wax paper-like flavors. Finishes with a white pepper, burnt sugar and rubber, and punch candy fade. An OK mixer, but oddly rum-like (tasted on Jan-09-2008)
83 • Three Olives Grape Vodka.
Clear with a nickel cast. Grape powder candy and latex paint aromas follow through to a silky, off-dry light-to-medium body with powdered sugar notes. Finishes in a quick, somewhat bitter grape seed, pepper and vinyl fade with a vaporous lash of heat. Somewhat rum-like. (tasted on Jan-16-2008)
83 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Wild Citrus Vodka $35/500 ml.
Clear. Vibrant aromas of tangerine and pineapple sherbet follow through on a round, supple entry to glycerous, dry-yet-fruity medium body with citrus gelatin, rice candy, pink peppercorn, baby oil, and gravel dust notes on the lightly tannic, hot peppery fade. (tasted on Oct-31-2008)
82 • Absolut Raspberri Vodka.
Clear. Aromas of raspberry powder candy, citrus marmalade, and pepper. A brisk entry leads to a dry light-to-medium body of gravel, salt dust, and faint raspberry gelatin flavors. Finishes on a bitter rind, spiky mineral and alcohol note. (tasted on Jan-09-2008)


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