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96 • De Proef Brouwerij La Grande Blanche.
Hazy golden amber color. Orange peel, mango pudding, and lychee nut aromas are gentle and attractive. A round, supple entry leads to a creamy, fruity sweet medium-to-full body of orange, pineapple, mango, coriander and clover honeyed sourdough toast flavors. Finishes with a sweet citrus, spice, buttered bread, and delicate herb fade. Very elegant and masterfully spiced. (tasted on Jun-29-2007)
89 • Grumpy Troll Brewery Norwegian Frolic Wit Beer.
Milky orange amber color with a lacey head. Vibrant orange cake and tapioca aromas are inviting and follow though to a rich frothy entry with a fruity medium-full body of orange cake, delicate spice, and toasted meringue flavors. Finishes with a long fruit, citrus peel, and honey fade. Thoroughly delicious, rich, and very well balanced. Well done! (tasted on Jun-29-2007)
88 • Summit Brewing Co. Scandia Ale.
Cloudy golden amber color. Vibrant, almost piney, aromas of cardamom and coriander overlay a bed of honeyed banana-orange bread. A frothy entry leads to a crisp dryish medium-to-full body of vibrant spices, citrus peels, and toasted caraway zucchini bread flavors. Finishes with a cleansing and lingering, dried herb and spice fade. Very interesting in style and flavor with a ton of refreshment. Serve with Thai food. (tasted on Jun-29-2007)
84 • Bastone Brewery Wit.
Very hazy sunny amber color. Bright coriander and orange peel aromas. A spritzy entry leads to a tangy medium body of sweet candied citrus, coriander, clove, and pine sap flavors. Finishes with a sweet citrus and spice fade. A pleasant fruity quaffer. (tasted on Jun-02-2007)
84 • Brasserie de Brunehaut Abbaye De Saint Martin Organic White Beer.
Hazy yellow golden color. Lemon custard, lime zest, and delicate spice melange aromas. A frothy entry leads to a dryish medium body of nuts, baked oranges, and slightly phenolic mineral flavors. Finishes with a metallic ore dust, salt, and dried lemon fade. (tasted on May-15-2007)
84 • Gaslight Brewery Mygarden Wit.
Almost clear golden amber color. Caramelized nuts, toasted pumpernickel, pine, and orange marmalade aromas. A supple, round entry leads to a dryish medium body of clover honeyed dark toast, coriander, and roasted nut flavors. Finishes with a fruity, wheat toast, orange zest and butter fade. (tasted on Jun-29-2007)
83 • Bastone Brewery Great White Wit.
Cloudy golden amber color. Pork rind, mint leaf, and citrusy detergent aromas. A brisk entry leads to a slightly flat medium body of brown sugar, brown butter, and baked citrus tart flavors with a quick buttery spice finish. Curious. (tasted on Jun-29-2007)


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