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Category: Grappa

Date Tasted:
Country: Dominican Republic
Alcohol: 40%
83 Points
Bronze Medal


Category: Grappa

Date Tasted:
Country: Dominican Republic
Alcohol: 40%
Brilliant clear color. Aromas of banana leaf and marsh grasses with a supple, soft, bone-dry light-to-medium body and a warming, brisk bitter garlic scapes and tomatillo paper finish. A swift kickin’ grappa for caffe corretto.

Tasting Info

Spirits Glass Style: Spirity
Aroma Aroma: banana leaf and marsh grasses
Taste Flavor: bitter garlic scapes and tomatillo paper
Smoothness Smoothness: Warming
Enjoy Enjoy: in cocktails and neat
Cocktail Cocktails: Espresso Martini, Pisco Punch, Pisco Sour
Bottom Line Bottom Line: A swift kickin' grappa for caffe corretto.

The Producer

R. Tremols & Sons SRL

The Producer
Ave. Jacobo Majluta No. 5
Santo Domingo Norte,
Dominican Republic
809 809-548-7000

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Serve in a Copita
Pomace Brandy (Italian Grappa and French Marc are the best-known examples) is Brandy made from the pressed grape pulp, skins, and stems that remain after the grapes are crushed and pressed to extract most of the juice for wine. Pomace Brandies, which are usually minimally aged and seldom see wood, are an acquired taste. They often tend to be rather raw, although they can offer a fresh, fruity aroma of the type of grape used, a characteristic that is lost in regular oak-aged Brandy.

Italy produces a substantial amount of Grappa, both of the raw, firewater variety and the more elegant, artisanal efforts that are made from one designated grape type and frequently packaged in hand-blown bottles. Both types of Grappa can be unaged or aged for a few years in old casks that will tame the hard edge of the spirit without imparting much flavor or color. Marc from France is produced in all of the nations wine-producing regions, but is mostly consumed locally. Marc de gewürztraminer from Alsace is particularly noteworthy because it retains some of the distinctive perfumed nose and spicy character of the grape. California pomace Brandies from the United States are broadly in the Italian style and are usually called Grappas, even when they are made from non-Italian grape varieties. This is also true of the pomace Brandies from Canada.