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Ensign Red

Ensign Red
Canadian Apple Whisky

Category: Flavored Whiskey

Date Tasted:
Country: Canada
Alcohol: 35%
84 Points
Bronze Medal

Ensign Red
Canadian Apple Whisky

Category: Flavored Whiskey

Date Tasted:
Country: Canada
Alcohol: 35%
Clear bright gold color. Bright, confected aromas and flavors of apple candy and caramel with a soft, moderately sweet light body and a tingling, brisk honey cream and bubblegum finish. A solid mellow, apple flavored liqueur.

Tasting Info

Spirits Glass Style: Candied
Aroma Aroma: apple candy and caramel
Taste Flavor: honey cream and bubblegum
Smoothness Smoothness: Tingling
Finish Finish: Normal
Enjoy Enjoy: on the rocks
Bottom Line Bottom Line: A solid mellow, apple flavored liqueur.

The Producer or Importer

Sazerac Company, Inc. - Midwest

The Producer or  Importer
10 South LaSalle, Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60603
1 312-269-3216

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Flavored Whiskey

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Serve in a Shot Glass
Flavored whiskeys are distilled alcoholic beverages produced form grain (rye, corn, barley) that have had additional flavoring included. These flavors cover a wide array from honey to apple to cinnamon. Most of these flavored whiskies are from North America, although there are a few from Europe.

While these can be enjoyed over ice, most are used mixed with soda or tonic or else in a hot toddy.