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February 2016 - New Release Beer

February 2016 - New Release Beer
This month's Beer feature is New Release Beer

New Release Beer Reviews

Tieton Cider Works Cranberry Hard Cider
92 points
Garnet pink color. Bold, spicy, attractive aromas and flavors of spicy carrot cake, cranberry relish, yams, and straw with an tangy, petillant, off-dry medium body and a graceful, subtle, medium-length finish with touches of blood orange, spiced apples, and ginger finish. A vibrant, spicy berry cider with lots of character.
Mehana Brewing Company "Tsunami" IPA
90 points
Hazy red oak color. Rich, hoppy aromas and flavors of pine blossoms, dried fruits and flowers, grilled grapefruit and nectarine, and earl grey with a soft, bright, finely carbonated, off-dry medium body and a tingling, complex, breezy finish with notes of smoked nuts, peppery mole, and minerals finish. A nice, lightly smoky IPA with fine balance.
Tieton Cider Works Apricot Hard Cider
89 points
Golden yellow color. Rich, floral, fruity earthy sour aromas and flavors of flower terrarium, baked apples and potatoes, and dried apricot with a supple, crisp, effervescent, sweet-and-sour light-to-medium body and a tingling, delightful, breezy finish manifesting accents of bitter orange, pot roast with carrots, and sauerkraut finish. An intriguing floral, meaty, savory cider that will excel with food.
Hawai’i Nui Brewing "Southern Cross Red" Ale
84 points
Hazy sunburst color. Bright, sour, tropical phenolic meaty aromas and flavors of caramelized peaches and citrus, banana bread, and berry vinaigrette with a velvety, crisp, fizzy, dry-yet-fruity light body and a tingling, charming, medium-length finish manifesting overtones of chocolate cherries, honeyed clementine, rubber, and grassy earth finish. A fruity and lightly sour amber ale.
Hawai’i Nui Brewing "Hapa" Brown Ale
81 points
Minutely hazy reddish mahogany color. Faint, grainy, vegetal aromas and flavors of roasted grain and brussels sprouts, caramelized nuts, baking cocoa, and wicker and hay with a soft, finely carbonated, dryish light body and a tingling, easy finish with notes of grilled root vegetable and parchment finish.