About Sparkling Water

About Sparkling Water
Sparkling water is simply that, water to which carbonation has been added. This category encompasses a wide variety of types of water types, typically spring, artesian, or reverse osmosis tap water. They are usually bone-dry. Sparkling waters are enjoyed on their own, in cocktails, and paired with foods.

Top Picks for Sparkling Water

Perrier Sparkling Water
93 points
A character-rich sparkling water with distinctive "green" nuances and flecks of minerality on the nose; elegant fine bubbles combine with excellent flavor making this a upscale choice in sparkling water.
Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water
88 points
Tight, lively bubbles star in this clean and crisp sparkling water that effortlessly refreshes.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 1st Place Highball Water
Cedea Dolomiti Frizzante Mineral Water
87 points
A clean, palate-cleansing sparkling water with great minerality and a fizzante-style spritz.