About Purified Water

About Purified Water
Purified water is water of any type that has been filtered or processed to remove impurities and mineral content. The purification processes include: distillation, reverse osmosis, carbon filtering, micro-filtration, ultraviolet oxidation, and de-ionization. Using these process can create extremely pure water, but they also remove flavor that minerals provide. Purified waters are best enjoyed on their own.

Top Picks for Purified Water

Simply Balanced Alkaline Water + Electrolytes Purified Water
94 points
Nuance aromas of wet porcelain with a full body and a slight hint of herbs on the finish. A clean water that cleanses and quenches; fresh and spring-like.
Essentia Overachieving H2O Purified Water
92 points
Aromas of quartz and chalk with a full body and a long finish. A silky-smooth, mineral-rich still water that cleanses and compliments; ideal for dinner.
Dasani Purified Water
89 points
A pure and neutral water with a very balanced taste; weighty but never heavy.
Smartwater Vapor Distilled Water
88 points
A round and stately water that offers pure minerality and rich character.