About Rum and Cane Spirits from Paraguay

About Rum  and  Cane Spirits from Paraguay

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Rum and Cane Spirits

Papagayo White Rum
86 points
Slivery straw color. Sweet aromas of butterscotch, pineapple, lychee, cafe au lait, and spumoni with a velvety, crisp, fruity medium body and a smooth, captivating, medium-length pistachio macaron, taro custard, and sticky rice with mango finish. An interesting combination of creamy, fruity and roasted flavors make this a rum for creative cocktails.
86 points $39.45
Papagayo Reserva Rum
84 points
Gold color. Aromas and flavors of dried tropical fruit, golden raisin, sweet plantain, smoked caramel, and red bean bun with a supple, vibrant, dryish light-to-medium body and a peppery, charming, medium-long finish revealing overtones of caramelized artichoke finish. A smoky, funky, fiery rum for agricole lovers; a distinctive craft spirit.
84 points $37.79