About Unaged Whiskey

About Unaged Whiskey
The availability and sale of unaged or white whiskies is a recent phenomenon; these were formerly referred to as 'white dog' or 'new make' whiskies. These are whiskies where the producer has decided not to mature them in a barrel–they merely pass them through a barrel or keep them in barrel for a very short period so that they can legally qualify as 'whisky', but not retain any wood character. Thus they have a clear appearance with intriguing aromas such as white pepper, cereal and dried fruits, as opposed to the oak-influenced notes of vanilla, roasted nuts and caramel found in an aged whiskey. These are versatile whiskies that are sometimes enjoyed neat, but most often used in cocktails.

Top Picks for Unaged Whiskey

Archie Rose White Rye Unaged Whisky
91 points
A round and mild unaged whiskey with delicate nuances; a fun one to sip on the rocks.