About Liqueurs from Taiwan

About Liqueurs from Taiwan
A recent phenomenon in Taiwan has been the production of single malt whisky. Not just any single malt, mind you, but some that have been acclaimed as among the world's best. All this in just a few short years. The single malts from Taiwan are made in an intense, yet elegant style that emphasize strong and complex fruit and spice flavors from the distillate and especially the oak, were the tropical climate of the island has a huge influence and greatly accelerates maturation. While single malt whisky in Taiwan is a small industry at present, look for it to grow.

Top Picks for Taiwan


Kavalan Sweet Cream Liqueur
85 points
A creamy treat for cocktails and nightcaps.
Kavalan Sweet Coffee Liqueur
84 points
A rich and smoky coffee liqueur that will play well in winter warmer cocktails.