About Liqueurs from Belgium

About Liqueurs from Belgium
Gin - or more correctly, genever - is Belgium's most important spirit. There are two main styles - old and young - that are based, not on the length of aging, but rather on specific distillations techniques; the young is more neutral in character, while the old has more of a maltiness. Belgian gin often displays notes of yeast and pastry dough, with the older having an earthier, more honeyed finish, as opposed to the younger gin being cleaner in style. In Belgium, they are often served from an ice-cold bottle and sipped neat.

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Mandarine Napoléon Grande Cuvée Orange Liqueur
91 points
Brilliant golden amber color. Citrusy aromas and flavors of tangerine and kumquat marmalades, chocolate orange peels, and hint of wax and pepper with an oily, bright, moderately sweet medium body and a warming, delightful, medium-long finish with notes of honeyed orange zests, peppercorns, apple brandy in black tea, and cedar and green anise finish. A lovely orange liqueur with a warming brandy character.
91 points $32.99