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Tastings Panelist - Pat Fahey
Pat Fahey
Cicerone Certification Program
Exam Content Manager
Pat officially started working in the beverage/hospitality industry in 2012, though his passion for beer was clear long before. He became a Certified Cicerone® in 2010 and in 2013 became the youngest person to pass the Master Cicerone® examination at the age of 25. To this day, only ten people have earned this certification—though many have tried. "I love beer as a beverage and from a flavor perspective, but I also love it as a lens through which you can look at history, or a shared interest you can use to bring people together," Pat says. "It's fun, interesting and tasty."
For more about Pat follow him on Twitter @PatFahey24 or visit his website at www.cicerone.org.