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Tastings Panelist - Charles Joly
Charles Joly
Crafthouse Cocktails
Charles has been in the world of booze for over 17 years, working in nearly every type of establishment that makes its business selling spirits and cocktails. Today, he is a proud member of The Aviary team (winner of the 2013 James Beard Award for Outstanding Beverage Program) and has received numerous other awards and recognitions for his active participation and achievements in the worlds of spirits, cocktails and mixology. For him, the beauty of the industry is a combination of the people he meets and the creative outlet the world affords to constantly experiment and learn. “No two days are ever the same in this business,” he says. “We have the opportunity to provide guests with a lasting, positive experience every night—people carry those feelings with them and hopefully they become great memories.”

For over 5 years, Charles has served as a panelist with BTI/Tastings.com, specializing in spirits. He brings with him a methodical approach to tasting and judging. His process involves first looking at the color and body of the spirit being tasted, swirling it to observe the way it lives on the glass. He then goes on to break down the various aromas left on each part of the glass, revisiting samples as he goes and taking into consideration all the unique complexities of each spirit before assigning a score. Charles says that he is constantly learning from the people around him and greatly values the time he spends with colleagues and other panelists.
For more about Charles follow him on Twitter @Charles_Joly or visit his website at www.crafthousecocktails.com.