About Red Wines from Israel

About Red Wines from Israel
As a wine-producing country, Israel has reinvented itself, moving away from the sweet, grapey concord wines for religious celebrations to an industry that now is known for complex, well structured red and white table wines. Today in regions such as Galilee and the Judean Hills, beautifully crafted versions of several red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are being produced. Quality is very good to excellent, with prices ranging from inexpensive to the high $20 range for American retail shelves. While most wines in Israel are still kosher, there are some that are not; these are small lot production, often made by garage winemakers. The bottom line is that Israel has been accepted as a quality wine producer for several years and things will only get better in this regard.

Top Picks for Israel

Red Wines

Galil Mountain 2019 Alon Red Blend Galilee
95 points
A vibrant, warm and delicious red blend that is sure to please.
95 points $23.99
Galil Mountain 2019 Ela Red Blend Galilee
94 points
A distinctive and intriguing savory wine that will be fun to pair with.
Galil Mountain 2018 Yiron Red Blend Galilee
93 points
Savory and herbal notes mingle with hints of soft vanilla in this wine that culminates in a long, complex finish.
Awards: 2021 Best Israeli Red
Hermon 2020 Mount Hermon Indigo Red Blend Galilee
91 points
Best Buy
This unexpected take on Cabernet is dripping with ripe fruit and licorice; pair with venison or game.
Awards: '2021 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 Red Wine $15 and Under'
91 points $14 Best Buy
Galil Mountain 2019  Cabernet Sauvignon
91 points
Best Buy
A laser focused Cabernet blend that brings harmonious structure to the table.
91 points $17 Best Buy
Galil Mountain 2020  Syrah
89 points
A layered Syrah that unfolds notes of spice and chocolate without losing focus on brooding fruit.