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Just What the Doctor Ordered.


Searching for an antidote? Follow the old British sailor method. By mixing their malaria medicine with Gin and Tonic, the Royal Navy created a special cocktail hour. Our International Spirits Review for Gins had us handpicking our favorites for "porch swing perfect" elixirs to enjoy this spring.   more >>

A Grab Bag of Holiday Spirits
A Year of Spirits Reviews in Review

By Jerald O’Kennard

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The Rise of Celtic Whisk(e)y

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to Tastings

The 21th Century has been kind to lovers of Irish and Scotch whiskies. Like the re-emergence of single malt Scotch and small-batch Bourbons, there has been a renaissance in Irish distilling, including a return to pot-still whiskies and single malts, and a variety of exotic cask finishes, although the definitions of whiskey types are a touch looser than in Scotland--like so many other things, particularly late at night.   more >>

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