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94 • Muromachi Shuzo 2009 Sakura-Muromachi Kiwami-Daiginjo Muromachi Jidai Sake $50/720ml.
Clear with a very faint silver straw cast. Big fruity aromas of honeydew, florid Asian pear, pineapple yogurt, star anise and praline, follow through on a satiny smooth entry to a fruity medium-full body with a touch of coconut cream and great depth and balance. Finishes with a spicy, melon rind, radish and pineapple custard accented fade. Delicious, pure, and vibrant. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
93 • Raifuku NV Hydengia Daiginjo Sake $90/720ml.
Faint silver straw cast. Aromas of Asian pear poached in coconut milk, apple custard, and anise follow through on a rich entry to a fruity-yet-dry-medium-full body with waves of spice and a cornucopia of mashed dates, ripe autumnal and tropical fruit notes. Finishes with a long refreshing honeyed radish, nut, and floral talc accented fade. Impressive. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
92 • Murashige Sake Brewing Co. 2009 Kinkan-Kuromatsu "Nishiki" Daiginjo Sake $60/720ml.
Clear with a nickel straw cast. Aromas of coconut cream, vanilla, and apple salt water taffy follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with nice layers of nougat and marzipan. Finishes with a long, tangy pear skin and spiced nut fade. Delicious, bursting with flavor and balanced adroitly for spicy sushi. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
91 • Konteki 2009 "Tears of Dawn" Daiginjo Sake $39/720ml.
Clear with a nickel cast. Bright honeyed Asian pear, ripe pineapple husk, and delicate lemongrass and anise aromas follow through on a soft, silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium with excellent depth and glassy smoothness. Finishes with a long, refreshing fade with a hint of coconut milk. Excellent vibrancy and acidity for the table. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
91 • Ninki-Ichi NV Daiginjo Sake $120/720ml.
Clear with a faint silver straw cast. Smooth, balanced apple and praline aromas and flavors with a creamy, delicately spicy anise accented fade. Reserved, elegant, and brooding character showing some heat in the finish. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
90 • Okunomatsu 2009 "Shizukuzake Juhachidai Ihei" Daiginjo Sake $50/720ml.
Clear with a nickel gray cast. Aromas of spicy watermelon-strawberry compote, crushed pineapple, five spice, and marzipan follow through on a rich, silky entry to a very fruity medium-full body with sweet coconut custard, praline, and poached apple notes. Finishes with a long, powdered sugar, honeyed radish and peppery spice fade. A bit, brash and confected, but very tasty. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
89 • Kankiku Meijyo 2009 "Yume No Mata Yume" Daiginjo Sake $25/720ml.
Clear with a nickel cast. Aromas of crushed apple, melon rind and floral beeswax follow through on a soft, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with coconut milk, dried tropical citrus, and nutskin notes. Finishes with a juicy, cherry stone, coconut meat and rice paper accented fade. (tasted on Dec-15-2009)
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