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96 • Ballast Point Devil's Share California Moonshine $24.99.
Clear. Bold aromas of caramelized bananas and nuts, candy corn, and spicy meringue with a silky, fruity-yet-dry medium-full body and a long, coconut cream pie, peppery spice, honey, anise cookie, and white ash accented finish. Remarkably flavorful and smooth; a delicious artisan moonshine that is a benchmark of the category. (tasted on Feb-26-2014)
92 • Dark Corner Distillery Moonshine Corn Whiskey $38.95.
Attractive aromas of acacia honey, caramel corn, and pudding pie with a graham cracker crust with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a long, warming, sweet spices, anise cookie, and mineral finish. Amazing smooth and balanced at proof with great subtle sweet corn flavors. Great moonshine. (tasted on Feb-26-2014)
90 • Short Mountain Tennessee Moonshine $34.99.
Clear. Aroma of vanilla yogurt nuts and raisins, hominy, corn silk, and a whiff of rubber cement with a penetrating fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a long, warming sweet baking spice, dried fruit, white toffee, corn pudding, and cigar ash finish. Lots of alcohol heat, but lots of fun flavors for mixing too. (tasted on Feb-26-2014)
90 • Troy & Sons Platinum Whiskey $30.
Clear. Aromas of toasted fruit cake and light molasses on cereal with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a delicate peach and plum pastry, sweet cream, peppery spice and mineral finish. Nicely refined and flavorful and appealing for newcomers to whisky from vodka. (tasted on Feb-12-2014)
88 • Belle Isle Premium Moonshine $29.95.
Clear. Aromas and flavors of roasted corn and cane and molasses with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a warming candy corn, pepper, and mineral finish. A solid moonshine. (tasted on Feb-26-2014)
87 • Troy & Sons Oak Reserve Whiskey $35.
Pale golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of pineapple creme brulee and spicy pralines with a soft, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a white chocolate toffee, mocha, pepper and charcoal accented finish. A nice and mellow, lightly aged corn whisky for sipping or cocktails. (tasted on Feb-12-2014)
84 • Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey Moonshine $24.99.
Golden silver color. Floral geranium, honeycomb, dried fruit and pudding aromas with a silky, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a grainy, parchment, peppery spice, and mineral finish. (tasted on Feb-26-2014)
84 • H. Walker & Sons Moonshine $21.99.
Clear color. Mild aromas of yeasty bread dough and straw with a glycerous, soft, sweet medium body and a hot, easy sugar cane, grassy earth, and simple syrup finish. A curiously sweet moonshine for cocktails. (tasted on Nov-26-2014)
80 • Mill Street Distillery Moonshine Corn Whiskey $28.50.
Clear. Jumbled aromas and flavors of aloe leaf, melted crayon, old corn husk, straw, and clay with a tannic, off-dry medium body and a vegetal, green tea leaf and beeswax finish. Odd and disjointed. (tasted on Feb-26-2014)


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