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93 • Corsair Major Tom $35.
Brassy yellow color. Aromas of carrot cake, marinated cucumber, orange marmalade, and spiced nuts with supple, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a dusty cinnamon, vanilla nougat, cola, and peppery spice finish. Flavorful and a great choice for fall and winter cocktails. (tasted on Mar-26-2014)
89 • Ballast Point Barrel Rested Old Grove Gin $25.99.
Bright pale gold color. Interesting aromas of bbq potato chip, toasted nut brittle, leather, and a hint of jerky with a silky, dryish medium body and a raisin rye toast, almond milk, saffron, and sweet and pepper spice. An interesting savory and spicy aged gin that seems to be evolving into some sort of rye-like whisky. Will be fun to mix with. (tasted on Mar-25-2014)
88 • Corsair Barrel Aged Gin $36.
Hazy golden yellow color. Aromas of spicy eggnog and cinnamon rolls with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and gentle, juniper, peppercorn, cedar and coriander nuanced finish. Very pleasant, despite the unattractive appearance. (tasted on Mar-25-2014)
85 • Oola Waitsburg Barrel-Finished Gin $48.95.
Pale golden color. Aromas of cola soda, mint toffee, vanilla spice cake, and pepper with a soft dryish medium body and a honeyed rye toast, creamy nougat, pinecone, and dried flower accented finish. A good spirit, but the gin character is somewhat lost in the whisky barrel. (tasted on Mar-25-2014)
84 • Cardinal Barrel Rested Cardinal Gin $34.95.
Golden amber color. Intense and dense aromas of carrot skin, sweet pickle relish, sandalwood incense, spiced whole nuts, smoked venison jerky, mincemeat and leather with a supple, dryish medium-to-full body and a bright anise cookie, juniper, cedar, dried citrus, custard, and lavender talc finish. Quite a roller coasted of flavors, will play well in flips or tonics. (tasted on Mar-25-2014)
84 • Quincy Street Distillery Old No. 176 Barrel Reserve Gin $40.
Pale golden color. Aromas of raisin bran muffin, granola, coconut, and malt chocolate toffee with supple, dryish medium body and a grainy, peppery spice, and herb accented finish. Different, but interesting. (tasted on Mar-25-2014)
84 • Yahara Bay Barrel Mellowed Gin $27.
Yellow straw color. Mild aromas of nougat, coconut, sassafras candy, and a touch of latex with a supple, dryish medium body and a zesty juniper, pepper, citrus and leather accented finish. Finishes strong, try in gin and tonics. (tasted on Mar-25-2014)


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