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Please note: We review wine, beer, and spirits. We don’t sell it. Prices may vary significantly due to shipping fees and state taxes, and some items may be hard to find.

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94 • Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka $29.99/500 ml.
Clear. Sweet spicy pastry dough, subtle dried fruit, custard, and mineral aromas follows through on a soft, smooth entry to a dryish, round medium body with accents of frosting and delicate anise. Finishes with a gentle, lightly peppery, wintermint gum, powdered sugar, and talc fade. A smooth, lively, lightly spicy vodka that will make great on its own or in martinis and vodka tonics. (tasted on May-24-2008)
92 • Lithuanian Cranberry Flavored Vodka $15.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Sweet cranberry and raspberry sauce aromas follow through on a supple entry to nice purity and a fruity,lingering fade. An excellent flavored vodka for mixing or sipping. (tasted on Sep-01-2008)
91 • Fox Vodka $22.
Clear. Mild hints of praline, spicy buttercream, and egg nog follow through on a silky, soft entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with candied dried citrus and honey on the smooth, creamy, lightly spicy fade. Very nice. (tasted on Sep-01-2008)
90 • Rogue Spirits Pinot Vodka $36.95.
Clear. Soft aromas of dried blackberry and whipped cream follow through on a smooth entry to a dry, lightly fruity medium body with a soft, mildly spicy finish. A very nice and smooth vodka with subtle fruity nuances. (tasted on Sep-01-2008)
90 • Stawski Bizonovka Vodka $19.99.
Clear with very pale straw green cast. Bright aromas of clover honey, powdery anise cookie, and lemongrass follow through on a supple entry to a glycerous, off-dry medium-to-full body with fresh straw, sugared mint leaf and crystallized ginger accents. Finishes with a long, powdered sugar, anise, hay and cream. Nice balance of grassiness, honey, and spice. (tasted on Oct-31-2008)
90 • Polar Ice Northern Maple Vodka $24.
Clear. Rich maple nut aromas and flavors with a glycerous off-dry palate and a long, lingering maple finish. Remarkably flavorful and pure. Will make delicious cream cocktails. (tasted on Sep-01-2008)
90 • Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Citrus+Honey Vodka $29.95.
Clear. Interesting aromas of earthy honeyed rye bran and rice puffs and lemon curd follow through on a very smooth, satiny entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with a delicate lemon yogurt notes. Finishes vibrantly with fresh twisted lemon zest and honey creme Anglaise on the lightly peppery, grain flour finish. A very crafty vodka sure to inspire similarly crafty cocktails, or pair with creamed herring and rye crackers. (tasted on Oct-15-2008)
90 • Lotus Blue Lotus Vodka $30.99.
Clear. Mild aromas of toasty meringue and tropical citrus custard follow through on a soft, supple entry to a dryish medium body with delicate herb and mineral notes. Finishes with a stimulating, lightly astringent fade that balances the sweet fruity notes. (tasted on Sep-01-2008)
88 • Stumbras Buffalo Grass Vodka $17.99.
Silvery pale straw green color. Grainy flour, custard, and faint sweet wheat grass aromas follow through on a supple, soft entry to a dryish medium body with mint creme Anglaise and clove notes. Finishes with a pepper,talc, lemongrass and honeyed mint fade. (tasted on Oct-31-2008)
84 • Polar Ice Blueberry Flavored Vodka $11.99.
Clear. Peppery blueberry and raspberry candy aromas follow through o a silky entry to a mildly sweet, and slightly syrupy light-to-medium body with a touch of mixed berry ice cream and peppery spice on the tingling finish. (tasted on Oct-29-2008)
82 • Polar Ice Cherry Flavored Vodka $11.99.
Clear. Luden's cherry cough drop aroma follows through on a soft, supple entry to an off-dry,lightly syrupy medium body with a mineral oil, cherry gum, and peppery spice dust fade. Very commercial. (tasted on Oct-29-2008)
81 • SXUL CHOCOLATE Dark Chocolate Vodka $37.
Opaque brown color with a red clay cast paints the glass with cirrus clouds of cocoa. Aromas of dusty, generic cocoa powder and toffee follow through on a thick 10W-30 motor oil entry to a mildly sweet full body with a gritty texture and nut oil and sour cream frosting on the hot peppery, grainy, gritty finish. OK, mild chocolate flavor, but not well integrated and has questionable mixability. (tasted on Oct-15-2008)
80 • Polar Ice Artic Berry Vodka $24.
Floor wax, apple, berry powder, and acetone aromas. A brisk, supple entry leads to a moderately sweet and glycerous medium body with mild berry, fruit gum powder, and wax paper flavors. Finishes with quick, spiky alcohol fade. (tasted on Oct-29-2008)


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