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94 • Lambrucha Kombucha and Lambic.
Brilliant brass color. Bright spicy, herbal aromas suggest marinated artichokes and carrots, sourdough, roasted pepper polenta, turmeric and lemongrass with a crisp, dryish medium body and a tart, lemon, kumquat, mint tea, and crabapple finish. A fun, savory beer. (tasted on Sep-04-2013)
93 • Berghoff Brewery Germaniac Pale Ale.
Rich old gold color. Aromas and flavors of honeyed herb toast, praline, and dried mango with a supple, dryish medium-to-full body and a nice bitter wave of grassy, piney hops on the finish. A superbly crafted, exceptionally drinkable ale that will be sensational with food, especially cheeses and sausages. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
93 • Capital Brewery Pumpkinataur.
Copper color. Rich, dimensional aromas of spicy pumpkin and mincemeat pies and fresh whipped cream with a satiny fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a long, carrot cake, kale, and peppery spice accented finish. Delicious and sure to please. A thanksgiving beer. (tasted on Nov-18-2013)
92 • The Boston Beer Co. Samuel Adams Honey Queen Braggot.
Yellow gold color. Aromas of honeyed Hawaiian toast and orange gelato with a crisp, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a tangy, refreshing tropical fruit salad, sprouts, and spice accented finish. A delicious, super drinkable brew. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
91 • Rogue Ales Big Ass Barrel Braggot.
Dark brown color. Aromas of toasted fruitcake and praline with a chewy, fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, cherry brandy, chocolate strawberry and honeyed spiced nut finish. Tasty; try with goat cheese. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
91 • Capital Brewery Appleanche.
Golden amber color. Enticing aromas of caramel apple, butterscotch, and spicy apple sauce with a chewy, fruity medium-full body and a lush, tangy mango yogurt and salted caramel finish. Very tasty, pure and balanced. Try in beer cocktails too. (tasted on Nov-18-2013)
90 • Les Brasseurs du Nord Boréale Dorée.
Deep golden amber color with a light lacy head. Grain-driven aromas of malt, dried fruits, nuts, and straw with a crisp, dryish medium-to-full body and a bright citrus soufflé, root vegetable and sprouts finish. Very well balanced and drinkable. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
90 • Rogue Ales Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale.
Brown color. Aromas of cocoa, yam and pumpernickel raisin toast with crisp, dryish medium body and a zesty, citrus, radish, roasted nut, and delicate peppery spice finish. A nicely balanced porter like ale that will be great with food. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
89 • Rogue Ales Roguenbier Rye Ale.
Dark brown color. Aromas of charred chestnut, cigar ash, smoked gouda, and grilled kale with a supple, dryish medium-to-full body and a dried fruit, spice, and rye toast finish. A lively and engaging food beer. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
89 • Stillmank Beer Co. Wisco Disco.
Deep amber color. Toasty and nutty fig and date breakfast bread aromas are attractive with a supple, dryish medium body and a honey roasted nut and delicate peppery spice finish. A pleasant session ale that will be great at the table with sausages and cheeses. (tasted on Aug-26-2013)
89 • Blue Point Brewing Company RastafaRye Ale.
Deep amber color. Aromas of tangerine and grapefruit marmalades on rye toast, oregano, and a hint of dank pine cone with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a nicely astringent and drying wash of grilled root vegetables and grassy, barky hops. A rock solid rye-IPA. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
88 • Rogue Ales Morimoto Soba Ale.
Bright amber color. Aromas of buckwheat blini and kumquat yogurt with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a frothy radish sprouts, kale, and pepper accented finish. A nice sipper or food beer. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)
87 • Kichesippi Beer Co. Kishesippi Logger.
Deep copper color. Aromas of frosted flakes, hazelnut pastry, and chocolate soufflé with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a savory mole, starfruit, nut, and grassy, watercress-like hop accented finish. Different and fun. (tasted on Dec-19-2012)
86 • Buckman Botanical Brewery Side Dish Ale.
Bright root beer, mint gum and candied yam like aromas with a crisp, fruity-yet-dry medium body and a spicy, confectionary finish. (tasted on Mar-13-2012)
86 • Morgan Street Brewery Lactovision.
Dark brown color. Aromas of chocolate yogurt, caramel brownie, dried fruits, edamame, and faint dried meat with sharply tart, medium body and a tangy sour cherry, lemon and radish driven finish. An interesting range and arc of flavors that would be best with food, especially cheeses. (tasted on Sep-09-2013)
83 • Blue Tractor Brewery Deep Fly Rye.
Slightly hazy old gold color. Lightly sour aromas of citrus, thyme, and lavender with a supple dryish light-to-medium body and a fleeting wafer, orange ice, and water chestnut finish. (tasted on Sep-06-2012)
80 • Morgan Street Brewery Oak Lactovision. Cellar Selection.
Deep brown color with a tan lace. Aromas of rubber balloon, fruity taffy, and bubblegum with a sharp tart, medium-full body and a very sour and drying lemon pith, cherry pit, cacao nib, balsa board, and pomegranate seed finish. Quite austere, and unwieldy at present. (tasted on Sep-10-2013)


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