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86 • Okocim Brewery Karmi Classic.
Deep ruby chestnut color. Very little head retention, thin "micro" bubbles leaving a thin veil of lace. Dark toast and rich dark/milk chocolate aromas, with hints of malted milk balls. Soft sweet entry. Caramel and sea salt, Hershey's syrup, milk chocolate flavors that are well pronounced but gently fade. Clean un-cloying finish. Good one for the lads, although a bit too sweet. (tasted on Oct-02-2008)
86 • Okocim Brewery Karmi Poema Di Cafe.
Dark chestnut/ruby color. Slightly tan head. Nice retention on glass. Rich dark coffee/espresso notes with hints of malted milk balls. Soft entry, silky mouthfeel. Malted milk balls, slightly burnt coffee, toffee and dark/milk chocolate flavors. Good chocolate to coffee ratio. Gentle finish, not too cloying. (tasted on Oct-02-2008)
85 • Heineken Slovensko Golden Pheasant Non Alcoholic Lager.
Pale golden color, thin veil of lacy carbonation. Fresh dough, creamy roasted corn, and a slight lemon spritz on the nose. Spritzy entry with lightly toasted buttered bread, grape nuts, and sweet cream with hints of of roasted corn make up the flavor profile. Slightly bitter finish, but not offensive. Reminds one of industrial pale lager from the eastern block. (tasted on Oct-02-2008)


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