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This review was done in 2012.

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Their Portfolio

96 Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva Brandy 40% (Spain) $44.99.
98 Cardenal Mendoza "Carta Real" Solera Gran Reserva Brandy 40% (Spain) $100.00.
92 Gekkeikan Bizan Barley Shochu 20% (Japan) $24.99.
91 Gekkeikan Sweet Potato Shochu 20% (Japan) $24.99.
87 Pisco Capel Premium 40% (Chile) $16.99.
88 Pisco Capel Alto del Carmen 40% (Chile) $18.99.
88 Pisco Capel Reservado 40% (Chile) $21.99.
89 Romate Brandy, Solera Reserva 40% (Spain) $14.99.

Archive Review

Fifty Pounds
London Dry Gin
Gold Medal
Category: Gin
Tasted In: 2012
Country: England
Alcohol: 43.5%