About Low-Calorie RTD

About Low-Calorie RTD
A relatively new category of ready-to-drink cocktails of various traditional types like martinis and margaritas, frequently branded or marketed as "skinny" to women.

Top Picks for Low-Calorie RTD

Tequiponch Low Calorie Margarita Cocktail
83 points
Hazy light golden green color. Delicate, citrusy, herbal aromas of lemon-ginseng-menthol cough drop, warm rose’s lime concentrate, baked yams, and cedar with a lightly tannic, crisp, fruity sweet light body and a seamless, buoyant lime spritzed melon rind, lime sucker, and grass finish. A decent diet margarita.
83 points $13.99
Drego Azul Margarita Light
81 points
Brilliant pale chartreuse color. Delicate, curious aromas of dark roasted nuts and limes and pond rind with a tannic, crisp, moderately sweet light body and a graceful, brisk lime pixie sticks and popsicle, baby aspirin, diet sprite, and chalk eraser finish.
81 points $6.99